My company's homepage ...

The contents are the same as before!

But how to express the future of the company is a difficult question?

The person in charge of operation does not take root!

But, we did not come even this Nante Iiokyaku, apart from ...... but?

Introducing existing routine work!

That is, of course, important. But shouldn't we send out new businesses in the next 3 to 5 years?

I'm doing some countermeasures

Isn't it a useless investment that isn't directly linked to results?

I decided to renew it

Rather than to a new system, I think that there is something important ....

How can “Web” be used for future management?
When I thought so, when I studied “Web”, the answer was far away !

Now, the number of companies whose management team has Web knowledge is growing surprisingly

Lecturer: Kenji Matsuguchi (Web producer)

Kenji Matsuguchi

With the IT penetration rate exceeding 80%, the success or failure of using the Web has entered an era in which corporate growth is determined .

Creating a strategy of “how to make the most of the Web” that increases in importance cannot be left to humans. This is because in order to achieve results , a deep understanding of the company's sales strategy and planning according to it are indispensable.

At this time, Shoei Create created a short-term training for management to learn “Web strategies that produce results” and to acquire the know-how.

First of all, I would like many people to know this lecture.
We have made it possible for you to experience for free , "Now, companies whose management team has Web knowledge are growing surprisingly ."

Please feel free to join us.

The “Web knowledge” that is necessary for the management team is not good to learn normally…?

・ Companies that can build a Web from a management perspective are producing results
・ Web strategy does not start without knowing the company and its customers
・ There is a way to make a formula success model using the Web
・ Companies that continue to try and operate Web operations are winning
・ If a company is put into practice, a company that practices a customer-oriented sales strategy will succeed.
・ There is a way to develop the Web in the medium to long term with no cost

In the first trial lecture,

“A long-established beverage manufacturer whose management has regained its V shape by knowing the Web”
"Rural town factory that escaped subcontracting with search keywords found by management from user's perspective"
“Gakuin became a thriving store with content that grabbed the hearts of patients”
“One-of-a-kind ring workshop that has succeeded in conveying its charm on the web without being obsessed with superior technology”

I will talk about the sales strategy using the Web .

The voice of the management who took the first trial lecture

I reaffirmed that management's thoughts and approaches to the Web are the most important.
(K, Osaka Prefecture, building management / real estate management)

I noticed that it was “similar to ordinary sales”.
(S, Chiba, retail store)

It's been 8 years since I started the homepage, but I want to get more work from the Web (H, Hyogo, manufacturing)

We found improvements on our web (landing page) (S, Tokyo, manufacturing)

I realized that a good web could not be made unless the managers made it with knowledge.
(N customers, Tokyo, real estate industry)

I didn't have a good impression about the Web, but I was able to reconsider the story.
(T, Kanagawa Prefecture, school cram school management)

I got a hint to review my website (K, Tokyo, company management)

It was good to understand the overall picture of the Web and the points of countermeasures (Mr. I, Tokyo, Temporary Staffing)

I learned a lot. I understood the problem of my homepage. I will continue to improve.
(Y, Kanagawa Prefecture, PC classroom group management)

Although it was a free lecture, the points I wanted to know were also helpful.
(F, Saitama Prefecture, restaurant management)

SMEs in which one in four companies disappeared in 20 years

How can you survive in an era where you can't sell even with excellent products and services?

Although it was a small and medium-sized company in Japan that was said to be 6 million companies at one time, it currently has 4 million companies. And in the last 20 years, the number of SMEs in Japan has actually dropped to 3/4 . It is calculated that 1 out of 4 companies disappeared . Abenomics began and stock prices rose. However, the harsh reality surrounding SMEs remains the same.

Even when you have excellent products and services, things are hard to sell and you struggle. What can SMEs do to survive ?

Events that influenced the economy

1993 Bubble collapse
2001 American terrorist attacks
IT bubble collapse
2008 Lehman shock

Companies that are actively engaged in IT are growing

According to a survey by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, companies that have invested in IT have doubled their sales compared to companies that did not.

Some say that IT investment has been made because sales have increased, but that is not the case.

Similarly, a follow-up survey by SMEs reveals that there are significant differences between companies that have invested in IT and those that have not.

Comparison of SME sales with and without IT investment
Comparison of changes in the ordinary profit margin of SMEs with and without IT investment

As of 2007, in terms of recurring profit, companies that do not invest in IT outperform those that do.
This is a side-by-side change in 2010, three years later, and a significant reversal in 2013, three years later.

In other words, it is clear that companies that have invested in IT are growing .

Source: Small Business White Paper 2016 (Small Business Administration)

80% of companies do not use the Web?

A major element of IT investment is the use of the Web.
However, even with the use of the Web, 80% of companies have not been able to use it satisfactorily.

How many companies, even if they have excellent products and services, cannot use the Web and appeal their products and services?
And why are there so many companies whose sales are growing?

In the shadow of a significant reduction of small and medium-sized number of enterprises, excellent though had a product or service, there is ...... appearance of such small and medium-sized companies that are struggling to ...... poor sales that are feeling sluggish, landing be Maybe

Now that more than 90% of the population is familiar with the Web , utilizing the Web can be a powerful weapon to escape this stagnant “dance” and head to a new stage.

Our web support

While having excellent products and services
SMEs struggling without appealing about the splendor of products and services,
Use the Web to appeal your appeal and get out of the landing

We provide support for that.

We will brand the future management vision through the effective use of the Web .

Web-based top first-time lecture

“Now, the number of companies whose management has web knowledge is growing surprisingly.”

[Lecture Contents]

■ Do you know that the company that gave No.2 Web marketing knowledge is winning?
■ The Web strategy necessary for management is not good to learn normally!
■ How to make a Web plan that considers sales strategy and investment effect!

* This seminar is limited to those who are in management positions or above.
* Please refrain from peers (enterprises engaged in web production, web consulting, web marketing support, graphics, branding, etc.) and customs related industries. Please note.

[Holding schedule]
・ 10/21 (Monday) 15: 00-16: 30
(We will start accepting 15 minutes before)

Please choose the date of participation from the above schedule.

[Time] 90 minutes (Reception starts from 15 minutes before)
[Location] Shoei Create Head Office (Shinjuku Building 1F, 1-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
[Capacity] 8 people (The deadline will be as soon as capacity is reached)
[Fee] Free (limited to corporate managers and above)

Lecturer introduction [Kenji Matsuguchi]

Shoei Create Co., Ltd. Branding Division General Manager.
Born in Niigata in 1976. Learn branding through sign designs at museums and hospitals. After independence, produced more than 150 brand designs for companies, medical facilities and stores.
Currently, he runs the “Creative Human Resource Development Training Web Team (Webtan)” that accelerates management strategies and develops human resources so that companies can perform branding themselves.

Kenji Matsuguchi

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