Homepage Health Examination Seminar

[Limited to 4 companies] Homepage health checkup (with mini seminar)

What is the homepage like this?
I thought there would be a more dramatic change ...

Now, 90% of companies have official websites.
However, it is said that 80% of them feel that the homepage is not fully utilized.

On the other hand, by using the homepage just a little better ...

・ Sales style has changed from tele-appo to echo sales
・ Inquiries came from an industry that was never imagined
・ Improved social image of the company
・ Employees' attitudes changed and they began to look in the same direction
・ The retention rate of recruited personnel has changed.

Some companies experience this.


Why can that company do it and why can't it be done in-house?

In this seminar, we will focus on the part of “What is the branch point where you can make use of the website?

Seminar contents

The seminar consists of two parts: a lecture-style “mini-seminar” and a “home health checkup” that analyzes the homepages of visitors.

Part 1: The branch point of the mini-seminar “Let's make use of the homepage / Cannot make use of it”

The first half is a mini seminar.
Web directors involved in over 1,400 websites will guide you through the most important points of website creation.

・ Two things to consider before creating a homepage
・ Is it OK if only page views increase?
-Is homepage attracting the same as real sales?
-Behind the scenes of web production ... Who should I ask for?

Explaining in detail, based on experience, the “bringing home page / not using it” branching point.
The eyes that look at your homepage will definitely change.

Part 2: Website health check

In the second half of the seminar, “Homepage Health Checkup”, we check the issues while actually viewing the websites of the seminar participants.
As long as time permits, we will give advice for improvement.

・ Why isn't the homepage as expected?
・ Why there is no response when there is access?
・ No matter how many times it is renewed, it doesn't go well

You may find answers to questions about the homepage that many people feel.

This seminar is limited to four companies each time so that each company can take a closer look at the “Home Health Checkup”. Please note.

[Limited to 4 companies] Homepage health checkup (with mini seminar)

“Why can I do that company and why can't I do it?”
90 minutes with a slightly different view of the homepage

Homepage diagnosis

[Lecture Content]
■ Part 1: The turning point of the mini-seminar “Let's make use of the homepage / Not make use of it”

・ Two things to think about before creating a homepage
-Is homepage attracting the same as real sales?
-Behind the scenes of web production ... Who should I ask for?

■ Part 2: Website health check

We will give advice on improvement measures focusing on the point of “What is the branch point where you can make use of the website?

Each company's health checkup is analyzed in detail from 15 to 20 minutes.
We will identify issues from the perspective of “utilizing websites”.
* It may be a bit dry, but please forgive me.

・ Those who are not satisfied with the current website
・ Those who are considering renewal of the homepage
・ Those who think that it can be used more and more

Please feel free to participate in a health checkup limited to four companies each time.

[November date and time]
・ 11/14 (Wednesday) 15: 30- Full Thanks (End)
・ 11/21 (Wednesday) 15: 30- Full Thanks (End)

* Please select a date from the above schedule.
* Please refrain from peers (enterprises engaged in web production, web consulting, web marketing support, graphics, branding, etc.) and customs related industries. Please note.
* The 2018 seminar has ended. The schedule for 2019 is undecided.
If you would like an individual homepage diagnosis, please consult directly from the form below.

[Time] 90 minutes (Reception starts from 15 minutes before)
[Location] Shoei Create Head Office (Shinjuku Building 1F, 1-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
[Capacity] 4 companies (Up to 2 people in each company will be closed as soon as they become full)
[Fee] Free

Homepage Health Checkup: Instructor Introduction

[Akira Shinozaki]

Web director of Shoei Create Branding Division.
At that time, he worked as a consultant at the largest business blog provider in Japan.
There are about 1,400 websites involved in renewals and new launches.
Professionals (lawyers, tax accountants, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, social insurance laborers, etc.), treatment clinics (osteopathic, cervical, chiropractic, chiropractic, etc.), engineering stores (newly built houses, renovations, etc.) ) And other websites for various industries.
Particularly good at attracting homepages for small community-based services.
He also has extensive experience in web marketing, such as a writer experience at an IT-related web recruitment site and experience as a lecturer in web utilization / owned media utilization.

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