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Now, the number of companies whose management has Web knowledge is growing surprisingly.

Now that the IT penetration rate has exceeded 80%, the success or failure of using the Web has entered an era in which corporate growth is determined.

Creating a strategy of “how to make the most of the Web” that increases in importance cannot be left to humans. This is because in order to achieve results, a deep understanding of the company's sales strategy and planning according to it are indispensable.

In that respect, management has deep knowledge and experience not only in its sales strategy but also in its products and industry. If the management has acquired Web knowledge ...

[Limited to the first 4 companies each time] Homepage health checkup (with mini-seminar)

Why can that company do it and why can't it be done in-house?

Now, 90% of companies have official websites. While there are companies that have grown greatly through the use of websites, 80% of companies are said to feel that they cannot fully utilize websites.

"What is the turning point where you can make use of your homepage?

From that point of view, we will analyze the website of your company and get a little closer to clarifying its secrets.

Homepage diagnosis seminar
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