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Student interview

The interview was answered by Wakka Matsuba from San Marta, Inc., who is attending the 5th term training. We are involved in the planning, development, and sales of various supplements.

Sun Malta Co., Ltd.

Web-based 5th term students

Web (W): First, please tell us about your business.

Matsuba (hereinafter referred to as pine): Supports SMEs and operates a health-related merchandise shop site. The main merchandise is selenium (selenium) and organic germanium, which are expected to be effective in reducing fatigue, and is a rare mineral water in the world. Water.

W: So, did you take a web-based course in order to sell such products through the web?

Matsu: Yes, that's right.

W: Thank you. I heard that there was a website that was operating before. How did you operate it?

Matsu: 90% of inquiries came from existing customers, and there were very few website visits due to very few website updates. And most of all, the time spent on other new businesses was such that it was hardly in operation.

W: I see. Will you be able to solve the problems that you encounter while taking the web-based course?

Matsu: That's right. I was able to learn the settings inside the site that I didn't know, such as linking with social networking services and how to act on those who visited the site. The

W: Have you noticed any new discoveries or discoveries that you might find useful after taking the Web?

Matsu: That's right. When you make a website, you tend to forget about targets and personas, such as `` I want to make it like this '' or `` I want to tell you something like this '', but it always reminds me of its importance through lectures. It was so! ”(Laughs)
Also, with regard to design, I have never been conscious of how to make a page that I expect to see, so I will study very much about how to show it and take pictures As for people, I realized that I had to think about various details in advance.

W: Finally, can you tell us if you have any comments or requests after taking the Web?

Matsu: Since it can be used after returning to the company through lecture texts and worksheets, there are voices saying “Let's use these things in-house!”. I think that having tools that can be taken home is very effective for sharing within the company, and I feel that I can bring back what I have done and put it into practice.
By engaging in the company, many opinions such as "Is this different?" I also felt that.

W: That's great! As an aside, in brain science, people seem to be connected to the brain of ideas and ideas when they think about something while talking to people or thinking while writing.

Matsu: Certainly! When chatting with a person in another department sitting nearby, something like “Hatsu!” Is resolved in a sudden conversation (laughs).

W: Thank you, Matsuba today!