Especial Inc. (System Development)

Student interview

This interview was answered by Mr. Kojima (Representative Director), Mr. Nakajima (Designer) and Mr. Suzuki (Editor / Writer) of Especial Co., Ltd. who completed the third training. Let's listen to the story.

Especial Inc.

Operating company Petnotokimochi Co., Ltd.

Web (W): First of all, could you tell us about your business?

Mr. Kojima (hereinafter referred to as “Small”): The main business is system development, but since there are designers and writers, we are also able to produce websites. We are also developing new products such as lotions and hair nourishing agents.

W: How did the website operate before taking the web-based course? Did you have any problems with the operation?

Small: I and the engineer operated and managed the company's website, but the system development work that I had always ordered must be given top priority, and the operation of the company's website was completely postponed. I was sorry. There are designers and writers in the company, so there was a feeling that they wanted to do more actively with each other, rather than feeling “a little done” when they were free.

W: So, after taking this online lecture, the number of people who can operate the website has increased in the company, and the work can be shared a little more.

Mr. Nakajima (hereinafter, the middle): Yes. That was the purpose of attending this time.

Small: In addition, since the content of services provided by our company is increasing, we wanted to launch a website for each service. All three people who took this course want to build one website for each.

W: It's amazing that you are working on 3 sites in parallel! This is also possible because there are people in the company who understand web production. Then, can you tell us about your impressions through the web class?

Naka: The teacher's teaching was easy to understand and I enjoyed the lectures.
Ms. Suzuki: I have been doing so far from the site, so there was a lot of learning because I was not able to sit down at the desk and learn from the instructors. I would definitely recommend it to professionals like us.

W: It would be very encouraging to say that to those who specialize in the Web. Thank you for answering your busy interview today!