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Student interview

Mr. Narusawa from Tawaraku Co., Ltd., who completed the third training, responded to the interview this time. In addition to producing and selling rice and other agricultural products, Mr. Tawakura also produces and sells “rice koji”, one of the few in the country.

Tawaraku Co., Ltd.

Web graduate 3rd graduate

Tawaraku Co., Ltd.
Web support (hereinafter referred to as “W”): Immediately, please tell us why you attended the Web service this time.

Mr. Narusawa (hereinafter referred to as “Naruto”): I wanted to make my own website that was made nearly 10 years ago suitable for the current era, especially for smartphones. I was also fascinated by the convenience of WordPress, so learning the basics of WordPress was one of the reasons I decided to attend the web. Through the course, the goal was to create a website for the rice bran department.

W: In the web-based training, you learned from information design to layout and design basics, content creation such as photos and copies, and practical training in WordPress. Did you have any difficulties or new things you noticed?

Sei: The hard part was that there was a lack of communication between me and our president at the beginning. As the training progressed, it became clear that we had to review the persona setting and wire frame design of the existing site, but because we could not share it well in the company, as a result we did extra work I ended up increasing it. It ’s hard to say, it ’s a point to reflect on.
Until then, I had been studying WordPress on my own with the reference books in the bookstore, but there were many things that I could not understand. It seems to me that the fact that I learned about the handling of WordPress on the web will have a big meaning in the future. I think that I could not have been able to move forward unless I told a specialist in this way.

W: You said that you were not able to communicate with the president. What was the specific difference in recognition?

Nari: I was looking at the same point for the goal, but did you think the way of thinking was slightly different? I thought that the purpose could be achieved only by improving the existing website, but the president's opinion was to create another site first. When I was unable to give an answer on my own, I received advice from Mr. Matsuguchi, who was a web clerk, and I was convinced of the direction of future site management. As a result, you learned how to match the current era and changed your perception.

W: I see. As long as the secretariat is happy, the Web staff has been the opportunity to deepen communication within the company.
By the way, you said that you had been working on website creation for a long time. How would you like to use what you learned in the web for your future work?

Nari: I would like to make use of what I have cultivated so far and demonstrate what I have learned in the web. To that end, I would like to continue to study in the future. I'm really looking forward to seeing more things I can do in the future.

W: We would like to continue to help you, so please look forward to it!

Naru: Yes. Thank you for your cooperation.

W: Thank you, Mr. Narusawa today.