TIPS # 009

What does “K” in the color expression “CMYK” stand for?

This series introduces small tips that are usually useful when using a PC or the Internet. This time, we will change the taste a little and introduce topics related to “color”.

Do you know the words “RGB” and “CMYK”? These are also called “three primary colors of light” and “three primary colors of color,” respectively. Generally, the former is a digital medium such as a website, and the latter is a color mixing method used for printed materials. This is the basic concept of color that appears in lectures on the web.

This time I would like to close up to “K” of “CMYK”!

In simple terms, “CMYK” is based on the three inks of “Cyan (bright turquoise)”, “Magenta (red purple)”, and “Yellow (yellow)”, and theoretically mixes them evenly. And gray → black. However, in actual printing, so-called “black” cannot be reproduced simply by combining three colors, so “black” ink is added to reproduce the full color with four colors of “CMYK”.

...... One simple question here. What does “K” in “CMYK” stand for? Is it “K” for “Black”?

Unfortunately it is not. Actually, this “K” is an acronym for “Key Plate” .

By "Key Plate" is almost synonymous with the so-called "black plate", is that if literally "serving as a reference edition". In this edition, black ink is used, so at the printing site, CMYK is added to CMY with sumi (= black).

There seems to be a theory of "BK (Black) K", but the correct name is "Key Plate". We hope that you can use it as a topic for a little topic, such as a quiet talk leave for a meeting.

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