ALLION Co., Ltd. (outside wall painting industry)

Student interview

The answer to this interview was ALLION Inc., who is currently taking the third phase of the Web-based training. I am involved in renovation of houses including building management and building diagnosis. Let's hear the story immediately.


Web graduate 3rd graduate

Web support (hereinafter referred to as “W”): Immediately, can you tell us your impressions of your participation in the Web?

ALLION (A): I have just started taking classes, but I was honestly surprised at the earliest that "Websites are created with various things in mind." Excuse me, I thought it was easier to make (laughs).

W: I see (laughs). Is it harder than you thought?

A: Rather, I feel the seriousness of the web support that all the instructors are tying up and giving lectures to learn how to create one website. To be honest, I didn't think so far (laughs). I am very impressed by the great teachers who provide one training for one goal, even when thinking alone.

I am also very thankful that each lecturer can use the time before and after the lectures to give individual advice tailored to what I want to do.

W: Everybody who takes the course has different things. The training is still in its infancy, but has anything changed since you took it?

A: One of the business plans that I have drawn vaguely in my head until now has become more concrete through the courses on the web. In particular, the customer “Persona” feels clearer than before.

W: That's great!

A: Yes. Although we are a small company that has just been established, I think it is an advantage that our staff can carry out projects in the same direction. I would like to create an attractive website by constantly sharing the customer's “persona” that has been clarified through web-based training and distributing unique content.

W: Did you see a lot about content production and operation in the future?

A: That's right. In the future, I would like to continue to improve the environment, including cooperation with SNS.

W: You learned that it's important not to create a website, but to create one.

A: In the sense of “after creating”, not only about the company's website, but also the students who are in charge of the web gather for the purpose of creating and operating their website. Actually, I feel that this training place is a place for cross-industry exchange. It is a member who has a good relationship and gathered here, so it would be nice to finally make a good network together.

W: That's true. There are also opportunities for continuous communication, such as follow-up training after completion of the course, so I hope you can use it.

W: Thank you all today, ALLION!

A: Thank you very much.