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Student interview

The interviews were answered by Matsufuku Real Estate Co., Ltd., Mr. Fukugi, Mr. Ishibuchi, and Mr. Tomita, who are taking part in the third term training. Let's hear the story immediately.

Matsudig Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Web-based third term students

Web (hereinafter referred to as W): First of all, please introduce your business.

Mr. Fukuki (hereinafter referred to as “Fuku”): Our company is a comprehensive real estate company that does everything related to real estate, from land development to room search. Sublease real estate management is one of the important axes of our business. The most vigorous business is “Almaison”, which develops and sells real estate investment products. In addition, we are also developing renovations and trunk rooms.

W: I see, there are several websites that you see, and they are well built. What is your target area?

Fuku: New stores have opened in the core areas in western Saitama Prefecture, along the Tobu Tojo Line centering on Higashimatsuyama, Kitamoto on the JR Takasaki Line, and in Kumagaya in June. Going forward, we plan to move into similar areas in the Kanto region.

W: Can you tell us what motivated you to attend this time?

Fuku: As I mentioned earlier that there are many websites, I think it will be necessary in the future to organize things that have been overexpanded. Currently, except for some sites, I am making with a bento box based on the method I learned by myself, so from now on, I will gather people who can be creative from departments and logically I want to make a team that can create a website with a special perspective in mind.
I would like to make a system that works well in terms of separating the parts that are better left to the professionals of the website and the parts that can be done by themselves.

W: Well, this time it ’s a team gathered for that. What are your concerns about your company's web operations before taking the Webtan or currently?

Fuku: Regarding troubles, the update cannot catch up anyway! That ’s it. Until now, there is a part that must be done alone, even if you want to do a large-scale renewal, you can not do it all at once, and there are other work, so you can do everything with daily updates It is a situation.

W: Please tell us what you struggled at this time, new discoveries, notices, etc. Also, please let us know if you have anything to learn in more detail.

Fuku: In terms of noticing, until now, I was working very inefficiently due to the fact that only I was involved, but now the number of people has increased, so I came up with ideas I learned in the lecture. As I practiced these methods, there were differences in what I was thinking and my point of view, and I was able to do it with fun and fresh feelings.
How about Mr. Hirota? (Laughs)

W: (laughs) Mr. Hamada, did you find it difficult to follow, or did you have any questions?

Mr. Hamada (hereinafter referred to as “Mr.”): If you don't understand, you can review it on the spot.

W: How about Mr. Ishibuchi?

Mr. Ishizuchi (hereinafter referred to as stone): Well, since it is taught systematically, there is no problem because it is quite easy to remember and understand.

W: What are your current lectures and impressions from the lecturer?

Fuku: That's right ... I wondered if there were more spartan teachers, but everybody skipped the joke. I always feel like I'm picking up well.

W: How about Mr. Hamada?

Tsuji: I am the same, and I hope I can continue to do it like this.

W: Have you ever used a web authoring software or a tool like CMS or Photoshop like WordPress? Please let me know if you have any thoughts about these things.

Fuku: Well, for things that I have made so far, I did everything “somehow” without creating a proper persona. When drafting a design, if it was a lecture right now, it would be called a “wireframe”, but until now I wrote such a draft and used a web production software called “BiND (bind)” I was working on it.
The buttons were created using Illustrator, and the images to be placed on the page were resized and corrected using the basic features of Photoshop. I'm still using Google Analytics, but I can't check it on my own, so it's nice to make it but PDCA isn't working at all.

W: For the part of the analysis with Google Analytics, I personally think that Matsubori Real Estate may want to dig deeper and learn ...

Fuku: First of all, I want to be able to turn from the basics.
Currently, “What does this analytics index mean?” “The value here is a reflection of what the user is doing?” “This is a good button position There are various questions, such as "Is this page displayed correctly?" "Is the color scheme appropriate?" Until now, there was no theoretical support, and there were many parts that relied on the senses, so I am very grateful that it can be made based on the theory from now on.

W: Is it okay to ask about future prospects? What expectations do you have for Webtan in the future?

Fuku: I want to create a new graduate recruitment site. First of all, I would like to create a system that can constantly update what I created in time, and I am sure that there will be improvements for the existing site. I think it would be a place for such awakening that would be noticed by Web students, or if it could lead to opportunities for improvement.

W: Is there anything you would like to do in the future from Mr. Hamada or Mr. Ishibuchi?

Ishi: Well, I've heard that the power of video content is amazing from now on, so in the future I would like to be able to improve the appeal of my site not only with photos but also with videos.

W: Thank you. That ’s it for the interview. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Fuku, Stone, Akatsuki: Thank you for your continued support.