New Year Greetings

I wish you the best of spring.
This is Matsuguchi from Shoei Create.
Thank you again this year.

By the way, this year is a [leap year].
Speaking of a leap year, the image of “advance” is strong, like “the rush forward”,
Actually, it is the last zodiac in the 12th branch, and it seems that it has the origin of "the year when new life dwells = preparation period" to go to the new 12th branch.

This year, the era will change, and the Olympics are going to be a turbulent year as the previous year.
In any case, I think it is important to survive through the “Rapid Advance”. But,
It is also important to look ahead and tackle web branding.

"Web attracting customers shouldn't be overnight."
For further business development and creation of new customers,
Web services that we can cooperate with are as follows.

□ Monthly courses: Web top:
[For managers and management] Useful for management strategy
Web strategy planning program

□ Started in April: Web master:
[For Web representatives] Program to create an in-house team that operates the company's Web

□ Start in April: Web-borne cloud:
[Online lecture] In-house web strategy planning by video,
Various support programs such as Web operation

□ Consulting service:
A service that consults Web operations that produce results for individual issues.

Always face customers and build better services,
I would like to work hard with all the staff.

Thank you again this year.

Kenei Matsuguchi General Manager, Shoei Create Branding Division