TIPS # 013

A very convenient video calling tool that can be used free of charge

Have you ever made a free call using Skype, LINE or Messenger?

Recently, the Wifi environment has been improved considerably, so there are fewer “that? And it ’s free, so there ’s no use for it.

But ... it's a bit inconvenient that you can't share your PC screen when you actually use it in a business scene. I often think that I want to talk while looking at presentation materials and useful websites together.

“Google Hangouts” is an easy-to-use video call tool that makes it possible. A video conversation with up to 15 people, screen sharing and chatting. In fact, services such as online schools have introduced “Google Hangouts”, enabling them to receive teaching while sharing their screens.

But ... the only thing that is troublesome is the process up to that point where the video caller is told to install "Google Hangout" and get connected. If I thought it would be great if I didn't have this, there was a full spec tool that solved it!

Free video conferencing tools that go beyond Skype and Google Hangouts.
That is ""

No special installation or registration is required. Just share the URL with an email and click to start a video conference. Simultaneous video call with a maximum of 8 people and sufficient number of shares. It also looks cool.

Online video chat in business situations is really convenient.
(By the way, I sometimes use it on the web!)


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