TIPS # 012

Convenient function to convert entire web page into image data

Looking at the website, thinking “I want to print this page!”, Click [Print] from the file on the menu bar.

However, have you ever had a problem with background images and videos missing and printed in strange forms, garbled characters, divided into several pages, or "I can't print somehow ..."? ?

Moreover, you should be especially careful in important scenes, such as when reporting to your boss or when you need to make meetings with customers. I can't tell my intentions because of a printing defect, and I feel some distrust and lose my trust.

In such a case, it is very useful to know the function that can capture and image the entire displayed web page in full screen. If you install an extension called “Full Page Screen Capture”, the entire displayed page will be taken like a photo (if your browser is Google Chrome).

With this, image data that can be printed with almost the same appearance as the page you are viewing will be generated with a single click, so the “problem of not being able to print web pages” is a single solution!

[Full Page Screen Capture]

* [Pearl Crescent Page Saver] for Firefox

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