TIPS # 011

[By browser] Shortcut to search in incognito mode

This is the first "browser" story for a long time.

The search engine you use every day. Did you know that search results have been optimized based on past search and browsing activity history?

It's useful in a sense if you're simply doing research or surfing, but as a corporate web clerk, research market trends ... sometimes be careful. The search results displayed here are customized for you and may differ from flat results.

In such a case , let's use a function called "secret mode" to display the original search results that are not influenced by your actions. By the way, the calling method varies depending on the browser, such as “secret window” and “private browsing” .

In Chrome and Safari, "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "N" key, and in Firefox and IE11, "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "P" key , a new window in incognito mode will be launched. For Mac users, replace the “Ctrl” key with the “command” key.

These functions are also available for iPhone and Android browsers, so please take a look at the menu.

Recently, I think that there are an increasing number of cases where shared terminals are used in offices and cafes. It can be said that it is a safe function that can be used without leaving browsing history and data such as cookies at such times. Please use it.

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