No.0040 | What is DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn't track you?

Hello everyone.
I'm Shinozaki, the web director of the web secretariat (Shoei Create).

Again this year about web branding and web marketing
We will send you useful information and the latest trends on the Web in an easy-to-understand manner.

By the way, we will deliver the following contents for the first time in 2019.


01.Topics 1: What search engines do not track you?

If you were watching NHK morning news the other day,
An interesting search engine was introduced.

Its name is "DuckDuckGO"

If you look at the homepage,
There is a search engine that doesn't track you.

What does this mean?
Unlike search engines such as Google, personal information such as search history is not collected.

So-called GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon)
All of them are search history, homepage browsing history, purchase history,
Collect and analyze huge amounts of personal information such as service usage history,
I use it for my business.

Now every action we take on the Internet has been analyzed,
GAFA and other so-called platform companies
The reality is that they have gained huge profits.

For example, in search engines, Google analyzes our personal information and uses it for advertising.
Of course, it may be sold not only for advertising, but also for the analyzed data itself (skillfully hiding parts that touch personal information).

Apparently this "DuckDuckGO"
“I do n’t do that.”
"I don't feel like making money based on my personal information."
That ’s why.

In a sense, it is a competition with Google and other GAFA.
This is an interesting experiment, but how far will it spread?

Pay attention to the future.

02.Topic 2: What is the topic of “Google for jobs”?

At the end of last year, published in the Nikkei Shimbun “Google entered the recruitment business for 19 years and proposed work with search results”
I think that many people have seen the news.

The content of the article is that Google will start offering `` Google for Jobs '' from January 2019,
It was that.

So what is this “Google for jobs”? It is a story.
Last year, there were many cases that were translated as "Google Job Search".
A new Google service.

This is because when you search for a keyword about a job,
After ads and search results, Google will display job listings.

For example, if you search for a store in the area and search on Google,
Maps and store information may appear in search results.
If you think of that job version, it's OK.

However, you will need to log in to Google and modify the store information yourself. For Google for jobs,
Google will collect and post company recruitment pages without permission.

In other words, if you ’ve paid for a high advertising fee and used a job site, but you ’ve made a good job page on your homepage,
It may be unnecessary ...

Of course, in order to get it posted on Google,
It is necessary to create a job page that meets the guidelines.
Also, like other ads run by Google,
Among these, measures may be taken to make it stand out more if you pay for advertising.

How much can you actually use it?
Is it really possible to recruit human resources?

It ’s all about things you ca n’t understand without starting.

However, there is a great possibility that it has an impact that will drastically change the appearance of job advertisements in Japan.

By the way, Google itself has not yet officially announced the release in Japan.
The source of information is not clearly written in Nikkei newspaper articles,
I feel a little awesome.

In any case, since it is a service already started overseas,
I think introduction is a matter of time in Japan as well.
First of all, it seems to be important to create a recruitment page in line with the guidelines on the company's homepage.

03.Information on the first experience lecture on the web ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

“Investing on the Web, but not leading to results”
That's right.
There is not enough web knowledge in the company management!

If you ’re crazy about this phrase,
Would you like to participate in the first lecture of the top of the web?

Short-term intensive training for managers to acquire Web knowledge “Web-based top”.
You can experience the first lecture for free.

[Web-based top / first experience lecture]
“Now, the number of companies whose management has web knowledge is growing surprisingly.”

・ A long-established beverage maker whose business performance has been restored to V by using the web ・ Manufacturing industry that has won a single search word for customers

While looking at the cases, etc., we will reorganize why management needs “Web knowledge”.

The success or failure of using the Web lies with the management.
If you have any doubts, please join the first trial lecture first.

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04.From Facebook posts [Web industry information] Google ’s anxious movement…

On the web, the Facebook page provides a variety of useful information.
Here are some of the posts that have been well received.

[Web industry information] Google's anxious movement ...

The “Google for jobs” featured in this topic is also true,
Isn't Google recently moving in the direction of direct answers to search results? It is a story.

Google will become more and more convenient ...
It may be a story.
However, the search results that Google displays are
It ’s not something that Google itself researched or edited.
The content created by someone is collected, ranked and displayed.

Google gets advertising revenue with this feature,
The content provider sends the user to the customer.
There is a mutual relationship here, but here for a while
Isn't Google's trend breaking that relationship?
Many people are concerned.

Where is Google aiming?
If you like it, you will have to dislike it, and it will be necessary to keep an eye on the trends of Google.

05. After editing ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

The first emails in 2019 are all about Google.

Over the past few years, Google feels like a big change.
Especially in the next 1-2 years, including business models,
I feel like it ’s going to change.

Remember, Google is not a charity ...
It is the fact that.
As a for-profit organization, to maximize your profits,
There will be no hesitation.

Up to now, Google has been in a symbiotic relationship with us who create websites and provide content.
However, this is not always true.

I just pray so that it doesn't happen.

See you at the next e-mail magazine.