No.0041 | Google ’s next move? What is the expected CMS "Newspack"?

Hello everyone.
I'm Shinozaki, the web director of the web secretariat (Shoei Create).

The other day, a topic of demonstration experiments using AI speakers was featured in a morning news program.

It was to have an AI speaker actually used in the home of the elderly ...
The people who used it seemed to have a good impression.

If you say "I'm right", "Return"
Will return. Is it convenient?
Rather than being at home ...
It seemed that the user was finding value.

It was a topic that made me think a lot.

So this is the topic


01. Are AI speakers popular?

Every year, at the end of the year, Nikkei Trendy hit product forecasts become a hot topic.
The AI speaker (smart speaker), which was the subject of discussion at the beginning, was the first place in the forecast last year and the fifth place.

Everyone is also “OK! Google!”
Have you seen many commercials?

Not only Google, but also companies such as Amazon and LINE were offering products.
However, I don't feel like it was a hit, but what about ... (Really 5th?)

There are some web teachers who like to try the latest equipment, and they introduced it immediately.
Eventually, “I heard the weather,
"It is convenient when your hands are blocked by cooking."

It doesn't seem to be used as much as I thought.

For example, smartphones have clearly changed their lives.

Thinking of it as a convenient phone, it was actually a portable computer that could be connected to the Internet at any time.
The impact has been great, and the fact that people's information gathering and communication has changed significantly
It may be new to memory.

What about AI speakers?

Without the impact of changing our lives,
A simple search function… I feel like it's going to end.

In that respect, the demonstration experiment for elderly people taken up at the beginning is interesting.

Even in the proof experiment, in the end, we listened to the weather and responded when we called out.
However, user satisfaction is high and "I want to use it for a long time".
It seems that many impressions were seen.

Someone (something?) Even if it was made
It seemed to have found value in talking to itself.

Existence that just says "return" ...
Unexpectedly, that may be the real aim of AI speakers.
* There is no one who can answer ... Despite its loneliness.

02.The next move of Google? What is the expected CMS "Newspack"?

What is CMS (Content Management System)?
It is a system that allows users with no specialized knowledge to easily update and operate the website.

More used in the world and popular in Japan
CMS is WordPress.
Automattic, which offers this WordPress,
“Newspack” is going to be made in partnership with Google.

I don't know the details yet,

・ Small and medium-sized news media ・ Journalists can concentrate on content production ・ News site design ・ Introduction of billing system

It seems that the project is being promoted with the release target at the end of January 2020.

Detailed information seems to be gradually revealed later this year, but not only small and medium news sites,
It may be an easy-to-use system for companies and individuals who run owned media.

Anyone can easily send information as long as they have the ability to write and the ability to write Japanese.
You can even monetize.

If such a tool appears, it may have a considerable impact.

Keep an eye on future trends.

03. Why doesn't the web lead to results? News of the first trial lecture ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

“Investing on the Web, but not leading to results”
That's right.
There is not enough web knowledge in the company management!

If you ’re crazy about this phrase,
Would you like to participate in the first lecture of the top of the web?

Short-term intensive training for managers to acquire Web knowledge “Web-based top”.
You can experience the first lecture for free.

[Web-based top / first experience lecture]
Now, the number of companies whose management has web knowledge is growing surprisingly.

・ A long-established beverage maker whose business performance has been restored to V by using the web ・ Manufacturing industry that has won a single search word for customers

While looking at the cases, etc., we will reorganize why management needs “Web knowledge”.

The success or failure of using the Web lies with the management.
If you have any doubts, please join the first trial lecture first.

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04.From a Facebook post: Gutenberg (Gutenberg)

On the web, the Facebook page provides a variety of useful information.
Here are some of the posts that have been well received:

▼ Recently, the topic of Gutenberg! Do you know?

CMS WordPress that just appeared.
New features that were standard on WordPress last October.
That is Gutenberg.

It is an expected system that enables people who do not have expertise in creating websites such as HTML and CSS to be able to express a variety of expressions.

However, when the person in charge of the system of Shoei Create used it,
There seems to be many problems still more.
Introducing it now ... It may be difficult.

However, OK without expert knowledge is OK
I really want you to evolve because it is very helpful.

05.Edited book ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

You finally came.
"Search Google Work"

"Google for Jobs" that was reported in the previous e-mail magazine
It is.

When you search for jobs on Google,
Job information collected by Google under the ad is displayed ...
It is a mechanism.

The other day, Google officially announced, and at the same time it has begun to appear in search results.

Depending on how you enter keywords, you may or may not appear.

Will this cause a major shift in Japanese recruitment services?
It is attention.

See you in the next issue.